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So it turns out my problem with my patch for bug #2012 (use a tag list not a tag cloud on the subscription filter interface)? Was not having a space between the span tags.

Um, yeah.
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I could probably use this again, huh?

Well, I haven't been doing much dev stuff lately because of job applications and so on. The past two days, I have done work on two bugs.

http://bugs.dwscoalition.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2012 use a tag list not a tag cloud on the subscription filter interface

That one I really wanted to get done Friday. I had it review- once and implemented [personal profile] fu's idea about using a span tag around the links and tag usage counts, which worked nicely, but this resulted in the tag box not using a variable height anymore ^^ Instead the height is now constant and the tag list overflows the box. And I have no idea how to fix this. I looked into every CSS file I could to see if that was the problem, but no results so far.

http://bugs.dwscoalition.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2474 Add non-existent interest from interest search

This is something I suggested a few months back. The problem with this is that the code to add a single interest already exists - but the code needs an interest ID, which a non-existant interest of course doesn't have. I then already had an idea of how to implement it - implement a function for creating an interest id and then adding the interest normally. So yesterday I finally did that and, inspired b< [personal profile] kareila I also did some mild code-cleanup. There was one portion of the SQL that was already in the code I didn't quite understand, but for the moment I just left it in. I suppose it's another failsafe for not adding an interest into the global table twice.

As an aside: there are two interests tables: one for communities and one for users. Interesting.

I had to change a translation string and decided to instead of using a "click here" link to add the interest make the link descriptive, so the link nor says "add it to your profile". I think I read about this being a nice accessibility-feature somewhere, that links are at least as descriptive as possible instead of just being "here" or "click".

While testing this, I noticed another somewhat related thing and opened this bug: http://bugs.dwscoalition.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2744 interest search needs warning/explanation if interest is too long . I didn't want to fix it directly because it isn't really in the scope of "my" bug, but it is related, because if you have a really long interest and search for it, it of course doesn't exist. If you then do a one-click add, the interest gets truncated and you add a 'wrong' interest. So the search should warn you that the interest is too long and instead of "$longinterest" it searched for "$shortinterest" and then use "$shortinterest" for the rest of the page.


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